HemRaj Vashist, Rekha Devi, shweta Agarwal, Diksha Sharma, kapila Priyanka, Kavya M Chandran, Neeraj Upmanyu


Karkatasringi (Pistacia integerrima) is a well known medicinal plant which belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae. The plant is indigenous to India and is found in the outer ranges of the North-Western Himalayas at an altitude of 500 to 2500 m. The different parts of the plant like leaf, bark, root and galls are reported to contain the secondary metabolites. Among them, the galls are more used in folk medicines. They are used in various Ayurvedic formulation like the “Dasamularistaâ€, “Chayavanaprasa†and “Shringyadi curna†which are used in the treatment of diseases like swasa (asthma), yakshma (tuberculosis), ajeerna (indigestion), hridyaroga (heart disease), jwara (fever) and yakrit roga (liver disorder). The secondary metabolites like alkaloids, tannins, terpenoids and flavonoids are reported in the galls. Beside them, minor constituents like crystalline hydrocarbon, gum mastic, resinous substance, crystalline acids are also present. The bark contains terpenoids and flavonoids.Phytochemical investigation of galls of Pistacia integerrima yielded  three new phytoconstituents characterized as  n-decan-3,-ol-yl-n-eicosonate, n-octadean -9,11 – diol-7- one and 3- oxo-9β lanost -1, 20 (22) – dicn-26-oic acid along with the known compound β –sitosterol. Plant plant has many biological activity including antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic, cytotoxicity and  phytotoxicity due to chemical constituent.

Keywords- Pistacia integerrima, secondary metabolites, biological activity, antioxidant, analgesic.

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