Objective: to improve the preservation of red blood cells containing donor blood components using NUS for resuspending. To achieve this goal, the first stage of the study examined the effect of a new resuspending solution (NUS) on lipoperoxidation, catalase activity, and red blood cell peroxidation resistance in donor blood components containing red blood cells.

Object of research: red blood cells from preservation blood of donors, which are intended for component transfusion therapy.

Materials and methods. The upgraded resuspending solution was obtained by treating saline sodium chloride with standardized magnetite nanoparticles (ICNB brand) using the Belousov's method with complete removal of NPs from the solution. Evaluation of the activity of lipid peroxidation (POL) processes was carried out by the spectrophotometric method's Volchegorsky. The optical density of each phase was measured on a Helios spectrophotometer. Statistical verification of the obtained data was carried out using computer programs STATISTICA 6.1.

Research and results. As a result of the study, the advantages of using NUS were established, namely: a significant decrease in the levels of primary and secondary lipid peroxidation products in the first 15 days of observation, an increase in catalase activity and resistance of red blood cells to peroxidation in the first stages of the study, inhibition of the shear reaction with neutral lipid peroxidation in the late stages of observation.

Conclusion. The saline sodium chloride solution which nanotechnologically upgraded by standardized biocompatible forms of NPs magnetite, has a positive effect on the ECC of donor blood when used as a resuspending agent. The advantage of exposure to this solution was a decrease in the intensity of POL reactions, an increase in catalase activity (CA) and red blood cells resistance (RBCR) on the first or second day after resuspending the erythrocytes were compared with a standard solution.



nanomodified resuspending solution, oxidative homeostasis, peroxide resistance of red blood cells, components containing red blood cells, storage.

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