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Harshad Shivshankar Dalke
Abhishek B Wankhade
Manish R Bhise
Mahesh B Narkhede


Cosmetics are incredible in demand since historical time till day. Lipstick formulations are most widely used to enhance the beauty of lips and to add glamour’s touch to the makeup. It is difficult to apply lipsticks to the dried, chafed, chapped, cracked lips with sores and lesions. In such cases, one can use nutraceutical lipsticks for the purpose of curing topical condition and beautification of lips. With this aim and objectives, an attempt was made to formulate and evaluate nutraceutical lipstick by using cow ghee and honey as natural excipients that substituted synthetic ingredients like lanolin, cetyl alcohol, and castor oil. Beet powder extract containing vitamin B- complex and silica element was selected for the local action on lips and beet root powder B cyanine selected as colouring agent. The lipsticks were evaluated for their organoleptic properties such as spreading, covering property, hardness, shine, and gloss and found to be satisfactory product to give attractive beauty with therapeutic effect on the diseased lips. Thus, the nutraceutical lipsticks with the natural ingredients like cow ghee and honey can serve as economical and effective cosmoceutical product.

Key word: Beet root powder, cosmoceutical, cow ghee, honey, lipstick


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Dalke, H. S., B Wankhade, A., R Bhise, M., & B Narkhede, M. (2019). DESINE AND CHARACTARISATION OF NUTRACEUTICAL LIPSTIC OF BEETROOT POWDER. Innovat International Journal Of Medical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(2). Retrieved from


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